Political Commentary on Edward Curtis Images
    Media Representation

  "Red Brave," 1994 "Little Papoose," 1994 "Mother and Child," 1994    
  These images were created to comment on the validity of Edward Curtis' images that he took at the turn of the century of Indigenous/First Nations peoples from part of North America. Many of his images are posed with Aboriginal people being dressed in any tribes traditional clothing, not necessarily their communities traditional regalia. He exploited the traditional clothing, the People, and the land he "took" pictures of. These images are meant for you to look closely at and see how they were created and what materials were used to "pose " the image like Curtis ones.  
"Goes Up Hill," 1994   "Indian Princess," 1994



All pieces are aprox. 11 in/14 in (28 cm/35.5 cm)

Non-silver process, VanDyke Brown

included in the group Abstract Show Culmination Passages from Emergence:  Storytelling to Scholarship at UNM - Zimmerman Library; Center for South West Research Nov. 17 - Jan, 1996.