Okanagan s-lkw-ut(a place away)



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Michelle Jack

Granddaughter of Edna and Joseph Paul Jack; Marian Fanning and Ralph Staton.

Daughter of Ernest Jack and Judy Jack.


wayʼ x̌ast siɬkʷʕast
inca iskʷist michelle jack uɬ snəmtítkʷ
intúm judy jack imistəm oogie jack
uɬ inqáqnaʔ dolly jack isx̌áx̌paʔ joseph jack
uɬ istəmtímaʔ marian fanning inkʼikʼwa ralph staton
kan təl san píntʼktn uɬ nisɬpícaʔ
wayʼ límləmt




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