Okanagan Homeland Links

Okanagan Nation Alliance

Okanagan Declartion

Okanagan Territory

Member Bands

Okanagan Songs

Okanagan First Peoples

NK'MIP Desert Cultural Centre

First Voices

First Nations Languages

En'Owkin Centre

Paul Creek Language Association

The Aboriginal Mapping Network

British Columbia Archives

Who is Included in Aboriginal/First Nations ? Links

Native Women's Association of Canada

First Nations Summit

UN Declaration of Indigenous Peoples via Assembly of First Nations

Center for World Indigenous Studies

Metis National Council

Metis Community Services

Tamara Podemski

The North American Aboriginal* Two Spirit Information Pages & Other GLBT Resources Focus: TS / GLBTQ Suicide

Indigenous Environmental Network

Aboriginal Youth Network

Congress of Aboriginal Peoples Has a good start on International Aboriginal Sites

Media Representation Links

CAM The Centre for Aboriginal Media

Aboriginal Multi-Media Society

Aboriginal Peoples Television Network

Native Media - Links Pg

Big Soul productions/Project One Generation

WWW Virtual Library - American Indians -Index of Native Am Media Resources on the Internet

Gender, Race and Ethnicity in Media: Communication Studies Resources: Univ. of Iowa

World Music Central

Canadian Aboriginal Festival

    NOTE: This partial list with some international Indigenous sites is in no way comprehensive just a few places to look within themes presented at this site specific resources speaking to the Okanagan 49th parallel/border area(CAN/US). I continue to contest and see more space made for more "mixed-blood," world, and Indigenous/Aboriginal communities that fit outside western constructions of Aboriginal/First Nations/Indigenous. Please email any link suggestions from contact link.