bitterroot inca sənqsilxʷ(I AM ALL MY RELATIONS)

  Okanagan Homelands




This page has links to scholarly research and other creative works that speak to the nsyilxwcən (speakers/people of the Okanagan language) homelands and this northern borderlands area between many "imagined", settler, state controlled, and traditional plateau lands.

The film and visual interpretations of this place within Earth/Mother (təmúlaʔxʷ) and are never fixed, but about the process of change, growth, and flux of living culture - Lifeway Knowledges.

wayʼ límləmt kʷl'ncútən uɬ təmúlaʔxʷ sənqsílxʷ uɬ siwɬkʷ

Aborignal ancestors, community members, family, friends, and collegues I want to thank you for your inspiration and contrubutions to living-changing knowledge/land memories/traditions. Without your contributions this work would not be possible.

wayʼ límləmt


Recent Work related to the Okanagan (wqna=in-x)Homelands

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nsyilxwcən Indigeneities in a Bi-National Controlled Territory

Spring 2010 (3 min Film excerpt)