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  • Vertical profile of epiphytes in a Pacific Northwest old-growth forest 

    McCune, B.; Amsberry, K. A.; Camacho, F. J.; Clery, S.; Cole, C.; Emerson, C.; Felder, G.; French, P.; Greene, D.; Harris, R.; Hutten, M.; Larson, B.; Lesko, M.; Majors, S.; Markwell, T.; Parker, G. G.; Pendergrass, K.; Peterson, E. B.; Peterson, E. T.; Platt, J.; Proctor, J.; Rambo, T.; Rosso, A.; Shaw, D.; Turner, R.; Widmer, M. (WSU Press, 1997)
    The vertical stratification of epiphytes is a striking feature of Northwestern forests that surely influences the distribution of other organisms in the canopy. We are just now learning how and why the stratification varies ...