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  • Pacific Northwest Extension Weed ID Publications (short order list) 

    Washington State University Cooperative Extension (Pullman, Washington : Washington State University. Extension., 2002-03)
    Contains numerous weed publications and ordering information. 2 pages.
  • Pacific Northwest Forest Lands Potential for Floral Greenery Production 

    Scholsser, William E.; Blatner, Keith A.; Zamora, Benjamin (WSU Press, 1992)
  • Pacific Northwest Wood-Based Biofuels: Preliminary Scoping (Vol. 1) 

    Laninga, T.; Olsen, K.; McIntyre, V.; Millman, S.; Potter, J.; Vachon, M.; Zhu, R. (Northwest Advanced Renewables Alliance, 3/1/2015 0)
    This report describes NARA's approach to evaluating a supply chain for the NARA region (ID, MT, OR, WA) to produce bio-jet fuel and co-products. The report also assesses the natural, physical, civic, economic and policy ...
  • Pacific Northwest Wood-Based Biofuels: Site Selection & Design 

    Olsen, Karl; Laninga, Tamara; Austin, Gary; Vachon, Michele (2016)
    This document presents Pacific Northwest supply chain estimates, case studies of specific sites within the PNW region, and conceptual master plans for consideration by stakeholders and communities as they search for ways ...
  • Pacific poison-oak and western poison-ivy : identification and management 

    Edmunds, Brooke; Grand, Lauren; Christiansen, Alicia; Hulting, Andrew Gerald (Pullman, Washington : Washington State University Extension, 2018-11)
    Pacific poison-oak is common in western Oregon and Washington. Its near relative, western poison-ivy, is found in eastern Oregon and Washington, throughout Idaho, and eastward. These plants are so similar in their appearance, ...
  • Pacific salmon and the Endangered Species Act 

    Lackey, Robert T. (WSU Press, 1996)
    Pacific salmon and the Endangered Species Act
  • Pacific salmon spawner escapement goals for the Skagit River watershed as determined by nutrient cycling considerations 

    Michael, John-H, Jr (WSU Press, 1998)
    Wild populations of Pacific salmon (Oncorhynchus spp.) in Washington State are generally at low levels compared to populations that were likely present before the arrival of Euro-Americans in the Pacific Northwest. Habitat ...
  • Pacific yew (Taxus brevifolia Nutt.) growth and site factors in western Oregon 

    Bailey, JohnDuff; Liegel, Leon H. (WSU Press, 1998)
    Conservation biologists in the Pacific Northwest have recently turned their attention to Pacific yew (Taxus brevifola Nutt.), given past harvest of this species for taxol and the fragmentation of late-successional forested ...
  • Pacing contest 

    Washington State University Extension (Pullman, Washington : State College of Washington. Extension Service., 1959-05)
  • Pack a Safe Lunch 

    Hillers, Val (Pullman, Washington : Washington State University. Extension., 1997-04)
    Discusses why food can make us sick, what are safe foods to pack in a lunch, what foods require careful handling, how to keep the bacteria count low, using handle-with-care foods in packed meals. 2 pages.
  • Pack food safety in your lunch 

    Craig, Susie B. (Pullman, Washington : Washington State University Extension, 2018-04)
    Packed lunches can be quick, healthy, and easy on the family budget. Whether you’re in school, work in an office building, or you’re going on vacation, make certain to pack food safety along with your lunch. Understanding ...
  • Paha wheat 

    Allan, R. E.; Vogel, Orville Alvin, 1907-1991; Morrison, Kenneth J.; Rubenthaler, G. L. (Pullman, Washington : Washington State University. Extension., 1971-08)
  • Pain and Discomfort in the Myasthenia Gravis Population 

    Horner, Angelia (5/14/2012)
    Pain associated with myasthenia gravis (MG) has received little attention in nursing science. The following project entailed a literature review of 174 published case studies which were analyzed for the inclusion of "pain" ...
  • Pain Assessment in Pediatric Trauma Patients: A Chart Review 

    Hugge, MaryLu (7/5/2012)
    A retrospective chart review was done on 63 pediatric trauma patients in three hospitals in a Central Washington community. A survey tool was developed for the review. Demographic, injury, trauma, and assessment data were ...
  • Painting interior walls 

    Washington State University Extension (Pullman, Washington : Washington State University. Extension., 1964-06)
  • Painting, staining and repainting buildings 

    Wilson, Eric B. (Pullman, Washington : Washington State University. Extension., 1969-04)

    Jiang, Ting (2011)
    Due to the variety of cattle breeds, finishing end point, grass quality, and postmortem management, the quality of grass-fed beef is criticized as inconsistent. To improve the eating quality of grass-fed beef, this ...
  • Pale green weevil : Polydrusus impressifrons Gyllenhal (Coleoptera: Curculionidae: Entiminae) 

    Niedbala, John C., Jr., 1967-; Rodstrom, Robert A., 1977-; Brown, John J. (Pullman, Washington : Washington State University Extension, 2017-06)
    Hybrid poplars (Populus spp.) are propagated by inserting 12–15 inch cuttings next to each water emitter in a denuded 160 or 271 acre (65 or 110 hectare) field. The number of stems/hectare depends upon the final product: ...
  • Paleoethnobotanical and Geoarchaeological Analyses at the Flying Goose Site (45PO435) 

    Carney, Molly (2016-05)
    The Flying Goose Site (45PO435), located along the Pend Oreille River in northeastern Washington, is a small Late Prehistoric burned structure. This thesis presents the results of paleoethnobotanical and geoarchaeological ...
  • Palouse Digital Project and Rose Creek Preserve Photomonitoring 

    Merrill, Alex; Von Seggern, Marilyn; Weddell, Bertie; Zhu, Lihong (3/28/2008)
    The Palouse Digital Project provides online access to resources about the Palouse bioregion of eastern Washington and northern Idaho. ...