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  • Zenner Farm Case Study: Direct Seeding in the Inland Northwest 

    Mallory, Ellen B.; Veseth, Roger; Fiez, Tim; Roe, Dennis; Wysocki, Donald John, 1952- (Pullman, Washington : Washington State University. Extension.Corvallis, Oregon : Oregon State University. Extension Service.Moscow, Idaho : University of Idaho. Extension.Washington, D.C. : U.S. Dept. of Agriculture., 2001-02)
    Russ Zenner's 3,300-acre farm in Nez Perce and Latah counties, Idaho, includes gently sloping land with deep loam soils in the Clearwater Rim area, and rolling hills near Genesee, where exposed clay ridges alternate with ...
  • Zero to Blaque: Preliminary Notes, Preparations, and a Groundwork for a Critique of Black Reason 

    Monroe, Kelvin Jonathan (2014)
    This study takes up an intentionally aggressive polemic with what we might call Black Reason. It does so on several registers. The first is that it proceeds from a speculative observation made by comedian Paul Mooney. ...
  • Zinc needs of field crops in central Washington 

    Boawn, Louis C. (Pullman, Washington : State College of Washington. Extension Service., 1958-06)
  • Zinc needs of field crops in central Washington 

    Boawn, Louis C.; Dow, A. I. (Pullman, Washington : Washington State University. Extension., 1965-02)
  • Zooarchaeological Habitat Analysis of Ancient Maya Landscape Changes 

    Emery, Kitty F; Thornton, Erin Kennedy (Journal of Ethnobiology, 2008)
    Consensus has not yet been reached regarding the role of human-caused environmental change in the history of Classic Maya civilization. On one side of the debate, researchers argue that growing populations and agricultural ...
  • Zooplankton Grazing Activity and Assimilation in the Presence of Mount St. Helens Ash 

    Gaddy, Alan J.; Parker, Richard A. (WSU Press, 1986)
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    Von Reis, Jennifer Clarke (2015-08)
    The effects of herbicides used on arid lands in the Columbia Basin, Washington State on components of biological soil crusts (BSCs) were investigated. Active ingredients in the herbicides investigated were two synthetic ...
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    Zurlaquova, Zarrina.; Byington, Tori.; Kmec, Julie A. (Open University, 2015)
    This study examines perceptions of how marriage impacts two aspects of academics career success in STEM and non-STEM fields: professional productivity and professional mobility. We pose three research questions. (1) How ...
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    Kmec, Julie A. (Open University, 2013)
    Scholars have documented that the masculine work cultures characteristic of academic science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) disciplines create an unwelcome climate for women. One way academic STEM cultures ...
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    Kmec, Julie A. (Sage Publications, 2014)
    Book Review of: Opportunity Denied: Limiting Black Women to Devalued Work / by Enobong Hannah Branch .
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    Skaggs, Sheryl L.; Kmec, Julie A. (Sage Publications, 2011)
    What factors are associated with variation in the racial/ethnic composition of hospital health care professionals? Institutional theories suggest that organizations react to external environmental and internal structural ...