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  • On-Chip Network-Enabled Many-Core Architectures for Computational Biology Applications 

    Majumder, Turbo (2013)
    Large-scale integration of multiple cores on a single chip is the current answer to the challenge of attaining higher computation throughput while restricting power consumption within acceptable limits. Network-on-Chip ...
  • On-chip network-enabled multi-core platforms targeting maximum likelihood phylogeny reconstruction 

    Majumder, Turbo (3/30/2012)
    On-chip network-enabled multi-core platform shown to accelerate biocomputing application
  • On-farm co-digestion of dairy manure with high energy organics : stakeholder interviews and literature review 

    Kennedy, Nicholas; Yorgey, Georgine; Frear, Craig, 1964-; Kruger, Chad E. (Pullman, Washington : Washington State University. Extension., 2015-09)
    The Anaerobic Digestion Systems Series provides research-based information to improve decision-making for incorporating, augmenting, and maintaining anaerobic digestion systems for manures and food by-products. This ...
  • On-farm composting of large animal mortalities 

    Price, Caitlin; Carpenter-Boggs, Lynne (Pullman, Washington : Washington State University. Extension.; Pullman, Washington : Washington State University. Center for Sustaining Agriculture and Natural Resources., 2008-05)
    Composting can be a safe and effective method for disposing of on-farm mortalities when the correct procedures are followed and the system is managed well. This bulletin provides the necessary information for large animal ...
  • On-farm test record form. 

    Wuest, Stewart (Pullman, Washington : Washington State University. Extension., 1995)
  • On-farm vineyard trials : a grower's guide 

    Gohil, Hemant; Keller, Markus; Moyer, Michelle, 1982- (Pullman, Washington : Washington State University. Extension., 2016-03)
    On-farm research offers many opportunities to understand the effectiveness of various management practices and products. However, how these trials are designed can alter the observed results. This guide summarizes the ...

    GUO, SHAOTONG (2017)
    Doubly-Fed Induction Generators (DFIG) are widely used nowadays for renewable energy generation. Control techniques need to be developed to match the growing DFIG wind turbine sizes and capacity. This requires better ...
  • On-Site Sewage System Management for Food Service Establishments 

    Simmons, Robert C.; Burleigh, Richard (Pullman, Washington : Washington State University. Extension., 1995-11)
    Explains the extra care and maintenance restaurant owners must take if they operate on their own sewage system. Covers basic septic system care, and managing wastewater, temperature, and toxins. 4 pages.
  • One Goal, Different Paths: Cultural Models, HIV/AIDS, and Minority Health Outcomes in Urban America 

    Artstein-McNassar, Melissa Y. (2015)
    HIV, since its emergence in the 1980s, has affected millions of people across the globe. Although the U.S. has seen three decades of research that has increased our knowledge of the virus, created medications to suppress ...
  • "One Spot of Color": Frank Norris's Apprenticeship Writings 

    Campbell, Donna (Frank Norris Studies, 1998)
    This article describes Frank Norris' use of "local color" techniques as he moved ahead in his career as writer of American naturalism. It also explores Norris' relationship to race and the traditional "subjects" of local ...
  • One-Man rack 

    Fairbank, J. P. (Pullman, Washington : State College of Washington. Extension Service., 1918-07)
  • Onion and leek seed production 

    Thornton, Michael K. (Michael Kent), 1958-; Mohan, S. Krishna; Wilson, D. O.; Beaver, R. G.; Colt, W. M. (Moscow, Idaho : University of Idaho. Extension.; Pullman, Washington : Washington State University. Extension.; Corvallis, Oregon : Oregon State University. Extension Service.; Washington, D.C. : U.S. Dept. of Agriculture., 1993-09)
  • Onion thrips 

    Waters, Timothy D.; Wohleb, Carrie H. (Pullman, Washington : Washington State University. Extension., 2014-01)
    The onion thrips, Thrips tabaci Lindeman, is the most destructive insect pest of onions in Washington State. This publication looks at how Thrips can damage onion plants, cause the production of smaller onion bulbs, and ...
  • Online chat reference: Survey results from affiliates of two universities 

    Johnson, Corey M. (Reference and User Services Quarterly, 2004)
    Reference librarians have converted a significant portion of library resources to electronic format and are now beginning to move the reference interview itself to the electronic environment. This study consisted of a ...
  • Online Instruction with Universal Design for Learning in the Synchronous K-8 Classroom 

    Coy, Kimberly (2013)
    Each year witnesses an increased number of students with disabilities participating in online schools. Unfortunately, most online courses fail to provide adequate learning outcomes for students with special needs. Currently, ...
  • Onward Christian Administrators 

    Schlect, Christopher (2015)
    American Protestants adopted organizational efficiency as a spiritual virtue in the first three decades of the twentieth century. Driven by a devotional impulse to manage and systematize the practice of their faith, they ...
  • Open Access Journal Content Found In Commercial Full-Text Aggregation Databases And Journal Citation Reports 

    Cummings, Joel (Emerald Publishing Group, 2013-03)
    Purpose: A study was conducted regarding the indexing of open access journals in three large, commercially available full-text aggregation databases and using Journal Citation Reports Metrics File to further explore the ...
  • Open space taxation: guidelines for assessing open space property values 

    Barron, James C.; Florea, Bruce (Pullman, Washington : Washington State University. Extension., 1973-08)
  • Open space taxation: how to calculate its benefits and costs 

    Florea, Bruce; Barron, James C. (Pullman, Washington : Washington State University. Extension., 1970-06)
  • Opening Archives: Respectful Repatriation 

    Christen, Kimberly (American Archivist, 2011)
    In the last twenty years, many collecting institutions have heeded the calls by indigenous activists to integrate indigenous models and knowledge into mainstream practices. The digital terrain poses both possibilities and ...