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  • Public Benefits of Archaeological Research 

    Lipe, William D. (University Press of Florida, 2002)
    The benefits of archaeological research are often not directly accessible to the public because the work is highly technical, and research results are generally published in books and articles written primarily for other ...
  • Public policy education : its role in community change 

    Barron, James C.; Fiske, Emmett P. (Corvallis, Oregon : Oregon State University. Western Rural Development Center., 1993-04)
  • Public Presentations, Demonstrations, and Illustrated Talks (Leader Guide) 

    Unknown author (Pullman, Washington : Washington State University. Extension., 2002-06)
    How to guide members who speak in public. 12 pages.
  • Public speaking 4-H member manual 

    Downing, Bud (Pullman, Washington : Washington State University. Extension., 1977-07)
  • Publicaciones En Espanol 

    Unknown author (Pullman, Washington : Washington State University. Extension., 2001-08)
  • Publicaciones En Espanol 

    Unknown author (Pullman, Washington : Washington State University. Extension., 2001-08)
  • Publications for Communities 

    Unknown author (Pullman, Washington : Washington State University. Extension., 2001-08)
    A brochure listing WSU/CE publications useful for community planning and development. 2 pages.
  • Pueblo II and Pueblo III settlement patterns on Cedar Mesa, southeastern Utah 

    Haase, William Rudolph IV (1/1/1983 0)
    This thesis identifies several environmental and cultural factors that affected prehistoric Pueblo settlement on portions of Cedar Mesa, southeastern Utah. The settlements were established by farmers of the Mesa Verde and ...
  • Pullman High School Centennial Reunion 1892-1992. 

    Pullman School District Centennial Reunion; Druffel, Sue; Bashaw, Midge (1992)
    A 1992 summary of students, events, and history of Pullman High School.
  • Pullman's Military College 

    O'English, Mark (Whitman County Historical Society., 2011)
    Between 1891-1893, Pullman, Washington had a short-lived military college which preceded the first classes at Washington State University. This article details the development and loss of that military school.
  • Pullorum, fowl typhoid and paratyphoid in chickens and turkeys 

    Unknown author (Pullman, Washington : State College of Washington. Extension Service., 1947-01)
  • Pulmonary Emboli 

    Ferguson, Tanda M. (7/5/2012)
    Pulmonary embolus is known as a Great Masquerader for the nonspecificity of symptoms and inconclusiveness of diagnostic tests. The annual incident in the United States alone is about 600,000 with 50,000 to 200,000 of those ...
  • Pulse on health : garden-based pulse nutrition and biology grade 4 curriculum 

    Smith, Diane K.; Riddle, LeeAnne; Nickerson, Kelly A. (Kelly Atterberry); Kerr, Susan R.; Miles, Carol A. (Pullman, Washington : Washington State University Extension, 2018-12)
    School gardens are a valuable tool for education. A school garden can serve as a biological classroom, where students use all their senses while increasing academic achievement. Students learn by connecting to the earth, ...
  • Pultruded glass fiber/bio-based polymer: Interface tailoring with silane coupling agent 

    Cui, Hongyu; Kessler, Michael (Composites Part A: Applied Science and Manufacturing, 2014)
    Economical glass fiber reinforced polymer composites were developed from biorenewable resins utilizing a highly automated pultrusion process. The composites were successfully pultruded with a self-built table-top pultrusion ...
  • Pumpback systems 

    Hagood, Mel A. (Pullman, Washington : Washington State University. Extension., 1975-05)
  • Puncturevine : Tribulus terrestris 

    Parker, Robert, 1941-; Boydston, Rick A. (Pullman, Washington : Washington State University. Extension.; Corvallis, Oregon : Oregon State University. Extension Service.; Moscow, Idaho : University of Idaho. Extension.; Washington, D.C. : U.S. Dept. of Agriculture., 2007-03)

    Richardson, Robert (2014)
    This work examines the aesthetics of traditional punk culture and interprets them as a contemporary form of the ancient Greek practice of askesis. The primary research for this work was composed of personal observations ...
  • Purple and Iberian Starthistle 

    Roche, Cindy Talbott.; Roche, Ben F. (Pullman, Washington : Washington State University. Extension.Corvallis, Oregon : Oregon State University. Extension Service.Moscow, Idaho : University of Idaho. Extension.Washington, D.C. : U.S. Dept. of Agriculture., 1998-04)
    These noxious weeds infest range, pasture, and roadsides in the Northwest. They are unpalatable to grazing animals. Sharp-spined masses degrade natural areas and parks. In Washington, populations of purple starthistle are ...