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dc.creatorAzadfar, Mohammadali
dc.creatorHiscox, William C.
dc.creatorChen, Shulin
dc.description.abstractA micellar catalytic system for chemoselective aerobic oxidation of primary alcohol in the diol fragment guaiacylglycerol-guaiacyl ether as one of the most common structure in lignin has been proposed. The catalyst system consists of TEMPO/Cu (II), mediated by oxygen gas. Our studies highlight the prospect of combining this method with a PEO-PPO-PEO micellar system in basic aqueous effluent of delignification processes of lignocellulosic materials to achieve the oxidation of primary alcohol to aldehyde.
dc.rightsIn copyright
dc.titleChemoselective aerobic oxidation of aliphatic alcohols in lignin in micellar system

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  • Washington State University Academic Showcase 2017
    This collection contains research and scholarly materials featured at the 2017 Academic Showcase at Washington State University.
  • Chen, Shulin
    This collection features educational and research materials authored by Shulin Chen, faculty member in the Biological Systems Engineering Department at Washington State University.

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