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dc.creatorMiles, Carol A.
dc.creatorO'Dea, Justin
dc.creatorDaniels, Catherine H., 1957-
dc.creatorKing, Jacqueline
dc.description.abstractPea shoots are the young, tender vine tips of green or garden peas. This specialty vegetable crop is eaten fresh in salads, lightly steamed or saute?ed in stir-fries, or served as an attractive edible garnish often placed on top of a hot main course just before serving. Pea shoots are generally 2-6 inches long and include 2 to 4 pairs of leaves and immature tendrils; they may also include small flower buds or blossoms. They have a mild "pea pod" flavor and crisp, light texture. Pea shoots are also relatively high in protein compared to other common edible greens. Hmong, an Asian ethnic group, introduced the use of pea shoots throughout China, Japan, and Southeast Asia. Hmong farmers also introduced pea shoots to farmers markets in western Washington. Pea shoots are now routinely found in high-end restaurants. Also, because peas are legumes capable of fixing their own nitrogen, pea shoot production gives growers an opportunity to cut fertilizer costs and improve soil nitrogen fertility to benefit subsequent crops. This guide provides growers with basic production information for pea shoots in the Pacific Northwest.
dc.publisherPullman, Washington : Washington State University Extension
dc.relation.ispartofseriesPNW (Series) ; 567
dc.subject.lcshPea shoots.
dc.titlePea shoots

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