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dc.contributor.advisorGozen, Arda
dc.creatorBolar, Nimay
dc.creatorZhou, Yiying
dc.creatorGannarapu, Abhishek
dc.description.abstractThe IntelliBra is designed to be a smart breast sensor capable of detecting volumetric changes in a woman's breast as she breast feeds her baby. This will enable the mother to know how much milk and nutrition the baby is potentially receiving. The sensor is made of a silicone material known as Ecoflex. The sensor has a channel running around it that holds an ionic liquid capable of conducting electricity. To simulate female breasts, we have created pouches of Ecoflex strapped to a mannequin. Breast feeding is simulated by infusing the pouches with water and drawing it out. This is done through an injection device that infuses and withdraws a controlled amount of water. The sensor rests on one of the pouches and is connected to an LCR meter that supplies alternating current (AC). The sensor stretches and conforms to the shape of the pouch as water is filled in. The impedance (resistance) of the sensor is measured as we simulate breast feeding and null activity. It is seen that the impedance of the ionic liquid changes as breast volume increases and decreases. The changes in impedance depend on the frequency of the alternating current, which is controlled through the LCR meter. This project has been in the works since Fall 2016. we have made significant progress over the past year and improved on our design and methods of testing. we are on track to start testing our product on feeding mothers and are in talks with bra manufacturers with hopes to achieve commercialization within the next year.en_US
dc.rightsIn copyright

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  • SURCA 2018
    This collection contains research and creative materials featured at the 2018 Showcase for Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities (SURCA) at Washington State University.

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