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  • 2010 National Library Week Book Display 

    Von Seggern, Marilyn (2010-04-20)
    In celebration of National Library Week, Apr. 12-17, 2010, an exhibit on reading recommendations was mounted in Holland and Terrell Libraries.
  • "A Touch of Genius" Louis Braille. Bicentennary 1809-2009 

    Von Seggern, Marilyn (2010-04-20)
    The 200th anniversary of the birth of Louis Braille, the inventor of the Braille writing and reading system for the blind, is observed with the exhibit, "A Touch of Genius" Louis Braille. Exhibit dates: April 18-May 7, 2010.
  • Bill to Law Exhibit 

    Von Seggern, Marilyn; Government Information Working Group (2009-06-22)
    This file contains 16 photos of the exhibit "How a Bill Becomes a Law," displayed at Washington State University Libraries in May and June, 2009. Three current laws were shown as examples: the American Recovery and ...
  • Constitution Day Exhibit 2010 

    Von Seggern, Marilyn (2010-11-16)
    Photos from the exhibit, "Influences on the United States Constitution," for the 2010 Constitution Day observance at Washington State University. Sept. 14-24, 2010.
  • Exhibit: Census 2010; How We Count America 

    Von Seggern, Marilyn (2010-03-26)
    An exhibit, Census 2010; How We Count America was displayed in the Terrell Library Atrium March 12-Apr. 2, 2010
  • Exhibit: Taxes Through Time 

    Government Information Working Group (6/14/2012)
    An exhibit, Taxes Through Time was displayed in the Terrell Library Atrium May 17-July 31, 2012.
  • Government and Waste 

    Government Information Working Group; Blake, Wendy; Galbraith, Betty; Beebe, Nancy; Von Seggern, Marilyn (5/15/2015)
    Waste, debris, garbage, trash—all words for the unwanted material that is discarded (either intentionally or not) and has become a problem of immense proportions in the United States. Debris permeates not just the land ...
  • NASA's Space Shuttle Program--a Retrospective 

    Government Information Working Group (9/7/2011)
    The exhibit, "NASA's Space Shuttle Program--a Retrospective," was displayed in Washington State University's Terrell Library Atrium from May to August 2011.
  • Reaching Your Local History Patrons Through the Web: Palouse Digital Project 

    Von Seggern, Marilyn (Oregon Library Association/Washington Library Association Joint Conference, 4/18/2008)
    PowerPoint presentation of the development of the Palouse Digital Project, a digital collection of text, maps, photos, and other resources on the Palouse Bioregion of Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho, USA. The database ...
  • The Secret Life of Your Personal Information; Government Resources on Identity Theft 

    Government Information Working Group (6/19/2014)
    Identity theft became a federal crime in 1998 when Congress passed the Identity Theft and Assumption Deterrence Act. The law established the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) which maintains the Identity Theft Data Clearinghouse ...