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  • Efficacy of ego state therapy for PTSD 

    Christensen, Ciara; Barabasz, Arreed; Barabasz, Marianne (3/30/2012)
    Together with a study by Barabasz, Barabasz, Christensen and Watkins (in submission) this is the first experimentally controlled study meeting evidence based standards to test the effectiveness of Ego State Therapy on PTSD. ...
  • The theory of single-session manualized abreactive ego state therapy for combat stress injury PTSD and ASD 

    Barabasz, Arreed F.; Barabasz, Marianne; Watkins, John G. (3/30/2012)
    Ego State Therapy (EST) had emerged from a psychodynamic understanding of personality as a product of an individual's multiplicities (ego States), to a conceptualization of how ego-energized and object-energized elements ...