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  • A 2,000-year reconstruction of the rain-fed maize agricultural niche in the US Southwest 

    Bocinsky, R. Kyle; Kohler, Timothy A. (Nature Communications, 2014)
    Humans experience, adapt to and influence climate at local scales. Paleoclimate research, however, tends to focus on continental, hemispheric or global scales, making it difficult for archaeologists and paleoecologists to ...
  • Exploration and exploitation in the macrohistory of the pre-Hispanic Pueblo Southwest 

    Bocinsky, R. Kyle; Rush, Johnathan; Kintigh, Keith W.; Kohler, Timothy A. (Science Advances, 2016)
    Cycles of demographic and organizational change are well documented in Neolithic societies, but the social and ecological processes underlying them are debated. Such periodicities are implicit in the “Pecos classification,” ...
  • The social consequences of climate change in the Central Mesa Verde region 

    Schwindt, Dylan M.; Bocinsky, R. Kyle; Ortman, Scott G.; Glowacki, Donna M.; Varien, Mark D.; Kohler, Timothy A. (American Antiquity, 2016)
    The consequences of climate change vary over space and time. Effective studies of human responses to climatically induced environmental change must therefore sample the environmental diversity experienced by specific ...