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dc.creatorKohler, Timothy A.
dc.creatorMatthews, Meredith H.
dc.description.abstractSpecies of wood used for fuel changed significantly through time at a large Anasazi village in southwestern Colorado occupied from about A.D. 750 to 900. Changes also occurred in other records of plant use from this site, in the fauna utilized, and in the proportional representation of hafted tools. These and corroborating data from nearby sites suggest that the Anasazi occupation of the Dolores River valley and vicinity resulted in significant local deforestation. Anasazi settlement and mobility practices were affected by climate, human impact on the environment and regional population densities.en_US
dc.publisherAmerican Antiquityen_US
dc.rightsIn copyright
dc.subjectAncestral Pueblo culture
dc.subjectEnvironmental impact analysis
dc.titleLong-term Anasazi Land-Use Patterns and Forest Reduction: A Case Study from Southwest Colorado
dc.description.citationKohler, Timothy, Meredith Matthews. (1988). Long-term Anasazi Land-Use Patterns and Forest Reduction: A Case Study from Southwest Colorado. American Antiquity 53:537-564.

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  • Kohler, Timothy A.
    This collection features work by Tim A. Kohler, professor in the anthropology department at Washington State University.

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