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dc.creatorLipe, William D. 0:00
dc.description.abstractThis presentation briefly reviews diverse early agricultural site complexes in both the southern and northern parts of the American Southwest and questions the usefulness of a single concept of how the elements of a “Neolithic Revolution� appeared throughout the area. In particular, it questions the assumption that dependence on farming showed gradual increases during several thousand years and was strongly correlated with changes in community patterns and material culture. Recent evidence indicates heavy dependence on farming appeared quite early and showed only modest changes thereafter.en_US
dc.subjectArchaeology--Southwest, New
dc.subjectNeolithic period
dc.titleA 2,500-Year Neolithic Revolution in the American Southwest
dc.description.citationLipe, William D. (2015, November 3). "A 2,500-Year Neolithic Revolution in the American Southwest." Presented at Southern Methodist University.

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