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dc.creatorKhan, Afshin
dc.creatorNes, Craigen
dc.creatorQuisenberry, Chrystal
dc.creatorMendes, Desiree
dc.creatorHavko, Nathan
dc.creatorOgden, Aaron
dc.descriptionThis is a group project done in fulfillment of NIH Protein Biotechnology training for MBios 574 in Fall 2013en_US
dc.description.abstractWe propose a business model based on the application of new antibody technologies that will revolutionize rapid disease diagnostics. Currently, rapid diagnostic tests rely on the production of monoclonal antibodies that require expensive hybridoma cell culture systems for their production. We plan to significantly reduce production costs by generating antibodies in cheap bacterial expression systems. In addition, we will modify our antibodies to enhance their performance relative to monoclonal antibodies. The result will be a product that is designed to outperform traditional monoclonal antibody-based rapid diagnostics, at a fraction of the cost. These advantages will ensure that PathogeniX diagnostic tests are affordable, rapid, and reliable. Development and marketing of PathogeniX's first product, FluCheck, will aid in the diagnosis of the globally relevant pathogen, influenza, and establish PathogeniX as a leader in rapid diagnostics technology.en_US
dc.rightsIn copyright
dc.subjectProtein, Influenza, Biotechnology, Flu-testen_US
dc.titleThe Express Influenza A+B Test
dc.typeTechnical Report

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  • Khan, Afshin
    This collection contains scholarly work by Afshin Khan, PhD student in astrobiology under the umbrella of “Earth and Environmental Sciences” at Washington State University.

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