This collection contains research and creative materials featured at the 2016 Showcase for Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities (SURCA) at Washington State University. The Showcase for Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities (SURCA) provides WSU undergraduate students from all grades, majors, and campuses to display the results of their research, scholarship, and creative activity. Students compete for awards and make an original intellectual or creative contribution to a discipline. SURCA is part of Academic Showcase, a larger annual event where WSU faculty and graduate students present their scholarly and creative work.

Recent Submissions

  • The Impact of Social Norms and Pressures on Donation Habits 

    Nam, Yujung (Mentor); Pace, Courtney (2016)
    Why do people donate money? Out of the goodness of their heart? Maybe they donate because “that’s what everyone else is doing.” This study is on how people react differently to social pressures in face-to-face communication ...
  • Mental Health Assessment in Zero Tolerance School Policies 

    Yochim, Jan (2016)
    Attention to mental health of school age children is key to a safe learning environment provided by public education policy subsystems. One method K-12 schools use to ensure a safe learning environment is through zero ...
  • Cleft Palate Film Production for Hearts In Motion Guatemala Mission 

    Vest, Sarah; Meredith, Amy (2016)
    Impoverished children and adults with cleft lip and/or cleft palate in Guatemala and neighboring countries travel to a clinic operated by Hearts In Motion (HIM), a non-profit agency that provides critical reconstructive ...
  • The Panoptic Experience 

    Filardo, Laura (2016)
    Title: The Panoptic Experience Goal: The town of LaCrosse, WA and the Ice age Flood Institute are working together to combine information on the regional ice age floods with a welcoming visitors center for the town. A ...
  • The Drake Equation 

    Unknown author (2016)
    We have calculated that, while there are likely to be a thousand civilizations in the galaxy around us, they are sufficiently far apart that any contact is unlikely. To estimate the number of civilizations in the galaxy, ...