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  • Grand Gulch: First Encounters and Lasting Impressions 

    Burrillo, R.E. (Blue Mountain Shadows: The Magazine of San Juan History, 2017-11)
    R.E. Burrillo hails from New York and, as an archaeologist, has an intense interest in the cultures of the Southwest. One of those cultures that he is particularly drawn to is that of the Ancestral Puebloans or Anasazi. ...
  • No bones about it: aDNA sequencing of dietary remains from human paleofeces. 

    Battillo, Jenna Marie.; Lupo, Karen.; Mata-Miguez, Jaime.; Bolnick, Deborah Ann.; Lipe, William D.; Matson, R. G. (International Council for Archaeozoology, 2014)
    The Basketmaker II (BMII) period remains from Turkey Pen Ruin, Utah (ca. 100BC – AD 500) show strong evidence for early, autochthonous turkey domestication in the Southwestern United States. However, isotopic research on ...