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  • Cultural Scale and Food System Sustainability in the Pacific Northwest: Columbia Basin Case Studies 

    Wilson, Troy M. (2011)
    To meet contemporary goals of long-term food system sustainability it is critical to analyze how people have constructed and maintained food cultures in specific geographic regions through time. This dissertation draws on ...
  • Patterns of Admixture and Population Structure in Native Populations of Northwest North America 

    Verdu, Paul; Pemberton, Trevor J.; Laurent, Romain; Kemp, Brian M.; Gonzalez-Oliver, Angelica; Gorodezky, Clara; Hughes, Cris E.; Shattuck, Milena R.; Petzelt, Barbara; Mitchell, Joycelynn; Harry, Harold; William, Theresa; Worl, Rosita; Cybulski, Jerome S.; Rosenberg, Noah A.; Malhi, Ripan S. (Public Library of Science, 2014)
    The initial contact of European populations with indigenous populations of the Americas produced diverse admixture processes across North, Central, and South America. Recent studies have examined the genetic structure of ...