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This collection contains research materials for Rani Muthukrishnan, a Ph.D. student in the Department of Teaching and Learning at Washington State University, 2012-2018. Muthukrishnan holds an additional doctoral degree in ecology from Pondicherry University and has authored numerous children's publications.

Recent Submissions

  • Media Review: Live Mocha 

    Nsir, Nadia A.; Muthukrishnan, Rani (WAESOL World Quarterly, 2013)
    The authors evaluated the website Live Mocha from the perspective of a beginner learning American English. They signed up with their primary languages- Tamil and Arabic. Their review provides an overview of the website ...
  • Applying Principles for New Literacies in Differing CALL Contexts: Conceptualizing Issues for Teaching, Research, and Policy 

    Egbert, Joy; ElTurki, Eman; ElHussein, Ibtesam; Muthukrishan, Rani (Computer-Assisted Language Learning Electronic Journal, 2012)
    If we accept the argument that "literacy" can be plural and new, we still need to uncover how principles guiding new literacies can be applied in teaching, research, and technology policy in CALL contexts. This paper ...
  • Microsites and diversity of understorey shrubs in Southern Western Ghats, India 

    Muthukrishan, Rani (Journal of Tropical Forest Science, 2001)
    This study examines the diversity of understorey shrubs in their microhabitats in a primary wet evergreen forest of south India. A matrix of environmental factors and the species distribution across quadrats were analysed ...
  • Flowering phenology and floral success in Barleria involucrata var elata (Acanthaceae). 

    Muthukrishnan, Rani (Indian Journal of Forestry, 2000)
    The flowering phenology and floral success or the monocarpic understorey shrub species Barleria involucrata var. elata (Acanthaceae) in a medium elevation evergreen forest in southern Western Ghats was examined. No proximate ...
  • Genetic differences among teak clones of Karnataka 

    Muthukrishnan, Rani; Chandrika, K.; Karanth, P.C.; Balakrishna, Gowda; Swaminath, M.H. (MyForest, 1999-09)
    Many breeding strategies have been used in India to overcome constraints on teak regeneration and establish good clonal orchards (Nautlyal & Rawat 1994, Bagchi 1995). Several methods have been used to select and identify ...
  • Impact of logging on the diversity and regeneration in the forests of Shimoga and Uttara Kannada districts 

    Muthukrishnan, Rani; Swaminath, M.H. (MyForest, 1999-09)
    Logging for timber is an inevitable part of tropical forest management for several centuries now. Human needs for timber and wood based products (including fuel} is enormous. For instance, in India, the fuel and charcoal ...
  • Disturbance and diversity. The case study of Terminalia paniculata 

    Muthukrishnan, Rani; Swaminath, M.H. (MyForest, 1999-09)
    Effect of disturbance on diversity, using many small plots in two adjacent moist deciduous forest sites was examined. The disturbed forest (OF) is regularly burnt, grazed and lopped. While the undisturbed forest (UDF) is ...
  • Defense and carnivory: Dual role of bracts in Passiflora foetida 

    Radhamani, T.R.; Sudharshan, L.; Muthukrishnan, Rani (Journal of Biosciences, 1995)
    Members of the genus Passiflora are reported to have evolved modifications which kill insects; they have however never been tested for carnivorous syndrome. The flowers of Passiflora foetida consists of highly reticulate ...