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  • Characterization of forest residuals for bio-jet fuel production 

    Marrs, Gevan (10/19/2015)
    Softwood feedstock samples collected throughout the Pacific Northwest have been characterized for carbohydrate, lignin, and extractives content. Some of the samples have received exhausting testing through pretreatment, ...
  • Decision support for forest harvest residue collection 

    Sessions, John; Zamora-Cristales, Rene (10/15/2015)
    Forest harvest residues are often available at roadside landings as a byproduct of the log manufacturing process. This residue is usually available for renewable energy production if desired, however there is a significant ...
  • 'Woods-to-Wake' life cycle assessment of residual woody biomass based jet-fuel 

    Ganguly, Indroneil (10/21/2015)
    The residual woody biomass (a.k.a harvest slash) produced during forest harvest operations in the Pacific Northwest, is generally burned in the forest or left on the forest floor to decompose. Drop-in biofuel production ...