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  • Vanished places: Silver Lake and The Tanglewood. 

    Bond, Trevor James (Washington State Magazine, 2008)
    Silver Lake is the most fondly remembered spot on campus that isn't here anymore. The 1.6-acre man-made lake and The Tanglewood park that surrounded it were covered over in the late 1920s to make room for the Hollingbery ...
  • Vended Authority Control 

    Zhu, Lihong; Von Seggern, Marilyn (2004-06)
    When a library embarks on vended authority control, it should have procedures in place to cover the following three facets: 1. Bring the existing bibliographic database up to current authority standards and build a new ...
  • Vendor-Supplied Authority Control 

    Zhu, Lihong (2005-06)
    The presentation discusses the three main facets of authority control, what services of authority control the vendor can provide, what the vendor can deliver through those services, how to use vendor-supplied authority ...
  • Veterinary Informatics: State-of-the-Art and the Role of Librarians 

    Fricke, Suzanne (International Conference of Animal Health Information Specialists, 6/15/2018)
    This narrative review provides an overview of recent advances in veterinary informatics, confirms the ongoing role of librarians in informatics, and discusses future drivers of informatics initiatives. The author identifies ...
  • Veterinary Student Research: Is it out there? 

    Weingart, Sandra; Fricke, Suzanne (International Conference of Animal Health Information Specialists, 6/16/2018)
    This presentation deals with the research question: Is there evidence that veterinary students are gaining meaningful research experience and opportunities to publish?
  • Visual image repositories at the Washington State University Libraries 

    Bond, Trevor James (Emerald, 2004)
    The World Civilizations Image Repository (WCIR) and Photos Online are two collaborative image database projects under way at the Washington State University (WSU) Libraries. These projects demonstrate how the WSU Libraries ...
  • Volunteers in Libraries: Program Structure, Evaluation, and Theoretical Analysis 

    Nicol, Erica A.; Johnson, Corey M. (Reference and User Services Quarterly, 2008)
    Volunteers have had a major impact on libraries throughout U.S. history. The rapid changes in the information world of the last decade serve as a catalyst for evaluation of library programs including those for volunteers. ...
  • Washington names, a pronunciation guide of Washington state place names. 

    Rundell, Hugh Augustus, 1919- (Issued jointly by KWSC-AM and TV and the Extension Service, Institute of Agricultural Sciences, Washington State University, Pullman, Washington., 1964-05)
    A pronunciation guide to places in the state of Washington, compiled primarily for radio and television broadcasters.
  • Westin Management and Property Database 

    Washington State University (2008-05-15)
    An Excel spreadsheet documenting hotels and management within the Westin chain. The "Hotel Info" worksheet spotlights details on individual hotels. The "Hotel & Managers" worksheet consecutively outlined the management ...
  • When is online not enough? A comparison of the print and online versions of 14 veterinary journal from 13 different vendors/publishers 

    Croft, Vicki F.; McCord, Sarah; Briceno-Rosales, Zinthia (Veterinary Science Library, Szent Istvan University, Budapest, Hungary (with the support of the Ministry of Education), 2003-08)
    As more and more journals are made available in online format, the question arises "When is online enough?" During these times of stagnant journal budgets, rising inflation, and a growing preference of library users for ...
  • Where archives and special collections meet Web 2.0: Building next-generation archival tools 

    Cornish, Alan; Merrill, Alex (2008-07-06)
    With the launch of large-scale book digitization projects, libraries will increasingly be distinguished by their special and archival collections, and by the services that they offer to provide access to these collections. ...
  • White Bluffs before the Manhattan Project 

    Washington State University. Library. Manuscripts, Archives, and Special Collections (2010)
  • Why is the sky blue? Implementing a Virtual Reference Service 

    Campbell, Nicole; Frederiksen, Linda; Mackey, Kitty; Dimyan, Roxanne (2009-04-23)
    Presented at Online Northwest 2003, February 28, 2003, Corvallis, OR
  • Why Should We Have to Buy Our Own Things Back? The Struggle over the Spalding-Allen Collection 

    Bond, Trevor James (2017)
    In 1836, Henry Spalding and his wife Eliza joined Marcus and Narcissa Whitman on a mission to bring Christianity to the Indians of the Oregon Country. In 1846, Spalding acquired Nez Perce clothing, artifacts, and horse ...
  • Why We Do What We Do: Exploring Priorities within Public Services Librarianship 

    Johnson, Corey M.; Lindsay, Elizabeth Blakesley (portal: Libraries and the Academy, 2006-07)
    Public services librarians perform an increasingly diverse set of duties, and this study explores which job components are most important to librarians. The researchers surveyed public services librarians at ARL libraries ...
  • Woman Suffrage Exhibit 

    Washington State University. Library. Manuscripts, Archives, and Special Collections (2010)
  • WorldCat Local and the Clinician: Is Discovery Improved? 

    Crook, Linda (Endnotes: The Journal of the New Members Round Table, 2011-11)
    This study examines how the next-generation discovery system WorldCat Local ( impacts discovery of biomedical literature. The system emphasizes single-box keyword searching and the use of facets ...
  • WSU Historic Buildings Information. Volumes 1 & 2. 

    Washington State University Department of Architecture (Washington State University., 1993-05)
    Two volumes of materials relating to the history of Washington State University buildings and grounds. The first volume is historic resources created for use by a 1993 Architecture 424 class. The second volume is papers ...
  • WSU Vancouver Academic Affairs Research Newsletter, Fall 2011 

    Washington State University Vancouver, Academic Affairs (2011)