This community features research by the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at Washington State University. Primary research interests include mathematical modeling in fluid mechanical, cellular biological, and population epidemiological systems; optimization problems on high performance computing environments, with non-smooth functions, and integer programming; partial differential equations in materials research, microwave heating, and inverse problems; matrix algebra including both computational and theoretical analyses; mathematical education research associated with teacher preparation, use of technology, and culturally relevant pedagogy; discrete mathematics that includes cryptography, combinatorics and number theory; environmental mathematics such as contaminant transport in groundwater, population ecology, and predator-prey problems; geometric analysis with applications to data analysis; statistics related to bioinformatics and large data, multiple comparisons, experimental design, linear models, change-point problems, quality control, engineering reliability and risk analysis; and probability including martingale methods, stochastic differential equations, stochastic simulation, and extreme value theory.

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