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  • Building consensus on journal cancellations with a serials decision database 

    Carroll, Diane; Cummings, Joel (2009-11-03)
    Decisions on journal additions, renewals or cancellations call for comprehensive management tools that can be manipulated to answer complex questions. The serials decision database provides objective information that can ...
  • Data Driven Collection Assessment using a Serial Decision Database 

    Carroll, Diane; Cummings, Joel (Elsevier, 2010-12)
    Washington State University (WSU) Librarians expanded the concept of a comprehensive serials decision database (SDD) first proposed by Metz and Cosgriff in 2000. Information about subscribed and unsubscribed serials was ...
  • The Serials Decision Database as a Research Tool 

    Cummings, Joel; Carroll, Diane (2010-05-28)
    A serials decision database (SDD) based on work by Metz and Cosgriff was created in 2007 and updated in 2008-2010 at Washington State University (WSU) Libraries. The SDD covers information on subscribed and unsubscribed ...