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  • Evaluation and Management of Print and Electronic Journals Using a Serials Decision Database 

    Carroll, Diane (Online Northwest Conference, 2/10/2006)
    Selection and management of serials, always a complex process, became more complicated with the addition of online journals. In 2000, the Oregon Health & Science University Library staff developed a serials decision ...
  • Rights and Responsibilities 

    Carroll, Diane (2/9/2008)
    Signed licenses result in promises to inform users of rights and restrictions. In this presentation a generic web page that can be used for all resources as well as examples of detailed terms of use on a journal title ...
  • Using ILL Reports to Develop Local and Regional Library Collections 

    Carroll, Diane (2/9/2008)
    Presentation on how interlibrary data can be cleaned up and used in serials assessment, accreditation reports and negotiations with vendors
  • Electronic Resource Management: Licensing and Interlibrary loan 

    Carroll, Diane (2007-09-26)
    Can e-journals be used for interlibrary loan and document delivery services? The focus of this talk will be on the way licensing terms can affect library services and the need to communicate negotiated terms to library ...
  • Integrating usage statistics into a collection assessment tool via Innovative's ERM module 

    Levay, Hana; Carroll, Diane (2007-10-28)
    Recent developments in usage statistics collection have led to more uniform presentation of data and the ability to import data into the Electronic Resource Management module of Millennium. With the creation of this module, ...
  • Tools for Serials Collection Assessment 

    Carroll, Diane (2008-02-06)
    New tools are becoming commercially available for serials collection assessment. In this presentation the advantages and disadvantages of a locally developed serials decision database on EXCEL is compared to commercial products.
  • Licensing: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow 

    Carroll, Diane (2008-02-06)
    Overview of licensing process and demonstration of the complexity of adding and canceling titles as a result of publisher business models and cancellation clauses.
  • Serial Decision Databases 

    Carroll, Diane; Paynter, Robin (2008-04-22)
    First part of a two person talk on locally designed serials assessment tools compared to commercial products
  • So You've Got the ERM Module, Now What? 

    Stewart, Wendy; Carroll, Diane (2008-10-26)
    This program offers guidance in setting up and populating fields in Innovative's ERM module with specific focus on the license record. What fields can you define and how should you define them? How many ways are there to ...
  • Author's rights 

    Vyhnanek, Kay; Carroll, Diane (2009-03)
  • Populating ERM Licensing Records: Getting Started 

    Carroll, Diane (2009-09-14)
    Populating license records is a huge job. This workshop will help those preparing to start a licensing project or who have gotten stalled. The target audience is beginning-intermediate but experienced users gladly welcome ...
  • WSU Wizard using EXCEL 

    Ellis, Cindy; Carroll, Diane (2009-10-13)
    An EXCEL macro was developed at Washington State University to standardize titles generated by the integrated library system. This macro will remove initial articles such as "A, An and The" and remove the period at the end ...
  • Building consensus on journal cancellations with a serials decision database 

    Carroll, Diane; Cummings, Joel (2009-11-03)
    Decisions on journal additions, renewals or cancellations call for comprehensive management tools that can be manipulated to answer complex questions. The serials decision database provides objective information that can ...
  • Procedures for creating a Serials Decision Database 

    Carroll, Diane (2009-11-11)
    The Serials Decision Database has been used for journal collection assessment at Washington State University since 2007. This record is a collection of procedures and EXCEL Macros that support the creation of this database ...
  • Serials Assessment Comes of Age 

    Carroll, Diane (2010-02-07)
    Description of how priorities are assigned to journals based on use data accumulated in a serials decision database.
  • Living on the Bleeding Edge of Collection Development 

    Carroll, Diane; Henderson, Kittie (2010-02-07)
    The easy decisions have been made; the formats have been flipped when possible. Now what? This program will discuss using the serials decision database to guide collection managers through realignments, interacting with ...
  • Library of Congress (LC) call number EXCEL sort macro Wizard 

    Ellis, Cindy; Carroll, Diane (2010-05-25)
    Library of Congress (LC) call numbers do not sort correctly on Microsoft EXCEL. This spreadsheet will help you clean up your LC call numbers and then sort them in shelf list order
  • Ebooks: Taking the next step 

    Carroll, Diane (2010-05-25)
    As reported in the SPEC Kit 313 "E-book Collections" from October 2009 survey of ARL libraries, enthusiasm for ebooks is tempered by frustrations with publisher policies, staff resistance to a changing model, and confusion ...
  • The Serials Decision Database as a Research Tool 

    Cummings, Joel; Carroll, Diane (2010-05-28)
    A serials decision database (SDD) based on work by Metz and Cosgriff was created in 2007 and updated in 2008-2010 at Washington State University (WSU) Libraries. The SDD covers information on subscribed and unsubscribed ...
  • Data Driven Collection Assessment using a Serial Decision Database 

    Carroll, Diane; Cummings, Joel (Elsevier, 2010-12)
    Washington State University (WSU) Librarians expanded the concept of a comprehensive serials decision database (SDD) first proposed by Metz and Cosgriff in 2000. Information about subscribed and unsubscribed serials was ...