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  • Effects of Prenatal Cannabis Vapor Exposure on Cognitive Flexibility 

    Warrick, Collin; Wright, Hayden; Lugo, Janelle; McLaughlin, Ryan (2018)
    Cannabis is the most commonly used illicit substance among pregnant women, yet the effects of prenatal cannabis exposure on cognitive wellbeing remain largely unknown. With recreational cannabis laws now in effect in 8 ...
  • IntellBra 

    Bolar, Nimay; Zhou, Yiying; Gannarapu, Abhishek (3/31/2018)
    The IntelliBra is designed to be a smart breast sensor capable of detecting volumetric changes in a woman's breast as she breast feeds her baby. This will enable the mother to know how much milk and nutrition the baby is ...
  • Laboratory Module to Introduce Undergraduates to Air Quality Research 

    Rodriguez, Yoni; Gubsch, Kristian; O'Keeffe, Patrick (2017-07)
    An interactive laboratory module is being developed to introduce undergraduate engineering students to environmental engineering as part of an introductory course. This lab module will provide students an opportunity to ...