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dc.contributor.editorBen Whalen: Editor; Taryn Fagerness: Assistant Editor; Annette Benedetti: Assistant Editor; Jennifer Mansfield: Assistant Layout Editoren_US
dc.description.abstractAdult by Jeff Wyrick p. 9 - Going Coastal by Callie Palmer p. 13 - Passion # 4 by Jeff Whitney p. 15 - An Abridged Text of the Problems of Complex Composition by Nicholas P. Martin (essay) p. 16 - half-hour romance with some commercial interruptions by Callie Palmer p. 18 - An Apology to the Ants of 1319 Franklin Street by Glyndon Jewell p. 19 - What the Camera Doesn’t Know Isby Lance Olsen p. 22 - Finger of God by Jeff Whitney p. 34 - Chattahoochie Scribble by Kurt Hemmer p. 35 - The Final Step by Kyle Sundby (essay) p. 39 - The Old Road by Kelly Crook p. 43 - Fat Jimmy by Jennifer Fleetwood p. 44 - Boogario by Jeff Whitney p. 51 - Tyler’s Colors by Tony Schmidt p. 52 - Broken by Jeff Whitney p. 54 - The Fog, The Bay by Steve Smith p. 55 - Daddy’s Girl by Boe V. Balko p. 56 - To The First Woman Who Said “Not Even If You Were The Last Person On Earth” by Taryn Fagerness p. 57 - Independence Day by Jennifer Fleetwood p. 59 - City Buss by Melissa Tennyson p. 66 - Cat Eyes by Jeff Whitney p. 6 - The Love Domestic by Glyndon Jewell p. 68en_US
dc.publisherWashington State University, Department of English, Pullman, WAen_US
dc.rightsIn copyright
dc.subjectAmerican literatureen_US
dc.titleLandEscapes 2001
dc.title.alternativeLand Escapes 2001en_US

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