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  • Soil health in orchards 

    DuPont, S. Tianna; Granatstein, David; Sallato, Bernardita (Pullman, Washington : Washington State University Extension, 2020-02)
    Orchard soil health, or soil quality, is the capacity of soil to support productive trees over time without negatively affecting the surrounding environment. Soil health is influenced by interacting biological, physical, ...
  • Tree fruit soil fertility and plant nutrition in cropping orchards in Central Washington 

    Sallato, Bernardita; DuPont, S. Tianna; Granatstein, David (Pullman, Washington : Washington State University Extension, 2019-12)
    Healthy trees need healthy roots to take up water and nutrients; healthy soils to provide water, nutrients, and protection from plant pathogens; sufficient water; and exemplary horticulture. When considering tree nutrition, ...