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  • The HOW of a Hydrogen Organized Washington — Technical version 

    Leachman, Jacob (MME Symposium Series, 9/17/2015)
    This presentation provides the technical details for how hydrogen could be created, stored, and used as part of the energy economy in Washington state and beyond.
  • The HOW of a Hydrogen Organized Washington — Business version 

    Leachman, Jacob (Avista Technical Seminar Series, 9/11/2015)
    This presentation makes a business case for making, storing, and using hydrogen as an alternative to fossil fuels. It presents research on storage and use of liquid hydrogen at Washington State University.
  • Thermodynamic properties status of deuterium and tritium 

    Leachman, Jacob; Richardson, Ian Andrew (Proceedings of the Cryogenic Engineering Conference, CEC: Advances in Cryogenic Engineering, 2012)
    Deuterium and tritium are seeing increased use in cryogenics as a fuel for nuclear fusion energy machines. The current Equation of State (EOS) for deuterium is based on work completed before the mid 1980's and tritium does ...
  • Thermophysical property modeling of a hydrogenic pellet production system 

    Leachman, Jacob; Pfotenhauer, J. M.; Nellis, G. F. (Transactions of the Cryogenic Engineering Conference–CEC: Advances in Cryogenic Engineering, 2010)
    Solid hydrogenic pellets are used as fuel for fusion energy machines like the ITER device. This paper discusses the numerical modeling of a Pellet Production System (PPS) that is used to generate these pellets. The PPS ...
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Research at WSU 

    Leachman, Jacob (2014)
    This presentation describes efforts at Washington State University to design and test liquid hydrogen-fueled unmanned aerial vehicles. It was presented to the Washington Congressional Staff on August 7, 2014, and the Spokane ...