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  • Comparison of the reflectance and Crystal Violet assays for measurement of biofilm formation by Enterococcus 

    Broschat, Shira L.; Call, Douglas R.; Kuhn, Edward; Loge, Frank J. (Biofilms, 2005-07)
    In previous work, we described a protocol for measuring biofilm formation on opaque and non-opaque surfaces using reflected light. In the present work, we used the reflectance assay to assess biofilm formation for 14 strains ...
  • Optical reflectance assay for the detection of biofilm formation 

    Broschat, Shira L.; Loge, Frank J.; Peppin, Jason D.; White, David; Call, Douglas R.; Kuhn, Edward (Journal of Biomedical Optics, 2005-08)
    We describe the protocol for an inexpensive and nondestructive optical reflectance assay for the measurement of biofilm formation. Reflectance data are obtained using an Ocean Optics !Dunedin, Florida" USB 2000 spectrometer ...