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dc.creatorLipe, William D.
dc.creatorHegmon, Michelle
dc.description.abstractIncluded here are three chapters authored or co-authored by William D. Lipe as part of the Architecture of Social Integration in Prehistoric Pueblos. The introduction to this volume notes: “For over 100 years, archaeologists working in the American Southwest have looked to architecture in their studies of social integration in the prehistoric pueblos….Kivas in particular have been singled out for their role in integration, from the very earliest attempts to interpret prehistoric pueblos up to today. Following this tradition, not only kivas but also protokivas (Morris 1939), Great Kivas (Plog 1974; Vivian and Reiter 1960), tri-walled structures (Vivian 1959), plazas (Adams, this volume), shrines (Rohn 1977:109-115) and other structures and features have been interpreted as important for ritual and other integrative activities. Debate over identifying and interpreting these structures-"When is a kiva?" (Smith 1952), "How are kivas used?" (Lekson 1988), "What is the function of tri-walled structures?" (Vivian 1959)has also become an established tradition in Pueblo archaeology. In this volume we continue in both traditions. The papers offer new perspectives and data on the roles that architectural features and facilities played in prehistoric pueblo integration."en_US
dc.publisherCrow Canyon Archaeological Centeren_US
dc.rightsIn copyright
dc.subjectPueblos--Southwest, Newen_US
dc.subjectArchaeology--North Americaen_US
dc.subjectKivas--Southwest, Newen_US
dc.subjectArchitecture Social aspectsen_US
dc.titleOccasional Papers of the Crow Canyon Archaeological Center No. 1: The Architecture of Social Integration in Prehistoric Pueblosen_US
dc.description.citationHegmon, Michelle and William D. Lipe, eds. (1989.) The Architecture of Social Integration in Prehistoric Pueblos. Occasional Paper No. 1, Crow Canyon Archaeological Center, Cortez, CO.

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  • Lipe, William D.
    This collection features research by William D. Lipe, Professor Emeritus in the Anthropology Department at Washington State University.

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