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  • Argentina: Bringing Beef to the Modern Age 

    Boyer, Melissa (2016)
    As one of the world’s major producers of beef and cattle products, Argentina will soon become a more important player in the global marketplace. Decades of political and social turmoil have prevented Argentina from developing ...
  • Invest In Fit: A Comparison of Poorly-Fitting and Properly-Fitting Bras 

    Edmundson, Savannah (2015)
    This thesis considers three questions: 1) The differences between a properly-fitting and poorly-fitting bra; 2) Why women are wearing poorly-fitting bras; 3) The solutions to fitting for a better bra; and 4) Where to find ...
  • Use of PLOP-FISH Probes to Detect MDM2 Gene Copy Number in Tumor Cells 

    Wolfrom, Lydia (4/30/20)
    Cancer is a dangerous disease that threatens the lives of millions each year. Great strides have been made in treating and curing cancer, but there is still much to be done. The research described in this report aimed to ...