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  • A predictive population model for cougars in Oregon 

    Keister, George P.; Van Dyke , Walter A. (WSU Press, 2002)
    Cougar numbers in Oregon declined between 1928 and 1961, primarily due to excessive harvest from the bounty system. Cougars were classified as a game mammal in 1967 and sport harvest began on a limited basis in 1970. Because ...
  • Estimating the carrying capacity of the Snake River for fall chinook salmon redds 

    Connor, W. P.; Garcia, A. P.; Connor, A. H.; Garton, E. O.; Groves, P. A.; Chandler, J. A. (WSU Press, 2001)
    Recovery planning for imperiled populations of anadromous salmonids can require estimates of the carrying capacity of a river for redds (hereafter, redd capacity). We estimated redd capacity for the 106 known fall chinook ...