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  • Decay dynamics and avian use of artificially created snags 

    Hallett, J.G.; Lopez, T.; O'C.onnell, M.A.; Borysewicz, M.A. (WSU Press, 2001)
    The loss of standing dead trees (snags) from logging has led to artificial creation of snags to help maintain cavity-nesting species. We compared two methods of snag creation: cutting tops and girdling. A total of 1189 ...
  • Resting and denning sites of American martens in northeastern Oregon 

    Bull, E.L.; Heater, T.W. (WSU Press, 2000)
    Resting and denning sites of the American marten (Martes americana) are important habitat components because they provide protection from predators, inclement weather, and thermal stress. In this study carried out in ...