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  • Catalog Calculator 

    Banerjee, Kyle; Scott, Jonathon (2010-08-03)
    Cataloging tool that finds variable and fixed MARC fields (bibliographic and authority data), language codes, geographic area codes, publication country ...
  • Central Business District Development Study, Pullman, Washington 

    Anderson, Dorman D.; Ford III, Robert M. (Pullman Chamber of Commerce, 1969)
    Four distinct design alternatives for city planning for downtown Pullman, Washington, as created by students in a Washington State University Fifth Year Architectural Design Class.
  • Challenges and Leadership, the Tenure of WSU President Ernest O. Holland (1915-1945) 

    Bond, Trevor James (2018-03-29)
    This poster will examine tumultuous events during the tenure of WSU’s longest serving President, Ernest O. Holland (1915-1945). The research is part of a newly commissioned publication, the Washington State University Press ...
  • Chart from United States v. Gotti, et al., 1987, reformatted by Christy Zlatos 

    Zlatos, Christy (5/7/2009)
    This chart, titled Criminal Activity of Government Informants, is a rekeyed and reformatted version of original that appeared in the trial, United States v. Gotti, et al., 1987, that was supplied by Bruce Cutler and Susan ...
  • Clearing Land for the Opening of Grand Coulee Dam 

    Coulon, Heather (Manuscripts, Archives, and Special Collections, Washington State University Libraries, 2010)
  • Collection development for digital photographs 

    Bond, Trevor James (Emerald Group Publishing Limited, 2007)
    Abstract: Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to discuss the challenges involved in collecting and managing digital photographs and provide advice for librarians in appraising, formulating collection development policies, ...
  • Compleat Angler Exhibit Materials 

    Bond, Trevor James; Kuure, Jeff; Marsh, Tim (2009-04-23)
    Documents, photographs, and other exhibit materials from the Compleat Angler.
  • Compliance, cooperation, collaboration and information literacy 

    Scales, B. Jane; Johnson, Corey M.; Matthews, J. Gregory (Journal of Academic Librarianship, 2005)
    As academic institutions have devoted increased efforts to information literacy skills assessment, more opportunities for collaboration between the library and other campus organizations have developed. The authors describe ...
  • Conducting Archival Research Online with the NWDA 

    Bond, Trevor James (10/5/2006)
    A presentation on using the Northwest Digital Archives to locate collections of primary sources relating to Native Americans.
  • Conserving Early Modern Books 

    Bond, Trevor James; Jouas, Jennifer; Kuure, Jeff; Zylstra, Jenny; Sikkink, Lisa (3/28/2008)
    This session will describe grant-funded conservation work underway to treat damaged books printed before 1800 held in the department of Manuscripts, Archives, and Special Collections (MASC). By utilizing modern conservation ...
  • Conserving Early Modern Books 

    Bond, Trevor James; Jouas, Jennifer (2009-04-22)
    This project seeks to conserve more than 50 rare books printed before the year 1800 that were severely damaged by an untrained volunteer. We will conserve these books by employing modern conservation techniques and supplies.
  • Conserving “Repaired” Rare Early Modern Books 

    Bond, Trevor James (2007-06)
  • Constitution Day Exhibit 2010 

    Von Seggern, Marilyn (2010-11-16)
    Photos from the exhibit, "Influences on the United States Constitution," for the 2010 Constitution Day observance at Washington State University. Sept. 14-24, 2010.
  • CONTENT: A model for collaborative database building 

    Bond, Trevor James; Cornish, Alan (1/26/2001)
  • Cool Tools: Online Productivity Resources 

    O'English, Lorena (2007-10)
    An overview of resources that are freely available on the Web that can expand your personal and professional productivity, including EverNote, online document creation storage and sharing services, social bookmarking, and ...
  • Courses for Coeds 

    State College of Washington; Washington State University (State College of Washington, 7/15/1944)
    Recruitment brochure describing instruction for women at the State College of Washington (Washington State University) during World War II.
  • Courseware and library services: Bridging the gap for distance students 

    Scales, B. Jane; Wolf, Danel; Johnson, Corey M.; Cummings, Lara (Library Hi Tech, 2007)
    The purpose of this paper is to model a practical solution to the lack of library modules within commercial courseware. There are many different programming languages and models librarians can use to implement similar ...
  • Creating a Web of Attribution in the Feminist Blogosphere 

    Hvizdak, Erin (International Journal of Internet Research Ethics, 2008-01)
    Through an examination of 143 women- and feminist-authored blogs and a review of the literature surrounding feminist perspectives of copyright, this paper seeks to demonstrate that a critical feminist perspective would be ...
  • Creating Successful Intern ational Opportunities in Library and Information Science Education: The UWM/KWM Exchange 

    Hvizdak, Erin (International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions, 2009)
    Due to the increasingly global exchange of knowledge and the new social, legal, economic, and ethical systems that are developed as a result, library and information science (LIS) professionals must procure intercultural ...