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dc.creatorDunk, J.R.
dc.creatorZielinski, W.J.
dc.creatorWest, K.
dc.creatorSchmidt, K.
dc.creatorBaldwin, J.
dc.creatorPerrochet, J.
dc.creatorSchlick, K.
dc.creatorFord, J.
dc.description.abstractIn 1994 the Northwest Forest Plan identified several hundred relatively rare plant and animal species as "Survey and Manage" based in part on their presumed association with late-successional/old-growth forests. Other such species were given protection from grazing. However, broad-scale surveys for few of these species existed at that time. In 1999-2000 we evaluated the relationship of nine terrestrial molluscs (Ancotrema voyanum, Helminthoglypta herleini, H. talmadgei, Monadenia chaceana, M. churchi, M. fidelis klamathica, M. fidelis ochromphalus, Prophysaon dubium and Trilobopsis tehamana) to US Forest Service reserves in four National Forests in northern California. The nine molluscs were well distributed among reserved and non-reserved lands and showed no association with Late Successional Reserves, Congressionally Reserved, Administratively Withdrawn, or Matrix land allocations. However, the molluscs occurred more frequently than expected in Riparian Reserves when all other land allocations were combined. Our results are a step toward evaluating the protection that the Northwest Forest Plan affords these molluscs in northern California.en_US
dc.publisherWSU Press
dc.rightsIn copyright
dc.subjectgeographical distribution
dc.subjectold growth-forests
dc.subjectreserved areas
dc.subjectriparian forests
dc.titleDistributions of rare mollusks relative to reserved lands in Northern California
dc.description.citationDunk et al "Distributions of rare mollusks relative to reserved lands in Northern California." Northwest Science. 2002; 76(3): 249-256

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